Harapan, Kebenaran, Cinta

Espoir, Vérité, Amour

надежда, правда, любовь

Samson Yellow Bunny

आशा, सत्य, प्रेम

Austyn Taylor

Hoffnung, Wahrheit, Liebe



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희망, 진실, 사랑

Louise Blue Bird


Austyn Taylor 

Strength, courage and optimism.

Esperanza, Verdad, Amor


الأمل والحقيقة والحب

Håb, Sandhed, Kærlighed

Born in New York, Taylor has a nomadic studio practice working around the world as a resident artist. Her works have traveled across the globe as well, finding collections in  Japan, Mexico, Lebanon, United Kingdom, South Korea, Spain, China, France, Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. She is currently based deep in the coastal redwoods of Albion, CA, USA.

Since becoming conscious at 5 years old I have always felt this reality is like an itchy sweater, it doesn't quite fit and I am often confused. I never got past the startling fact that. "we too- are animals". The implications of that statement taken to issues like "free-will", the indifferent brutality of the natural world and evolutionary development are quite stark. Seeing the darkness of our situation here sent me to "the drawing board"- literally drawing an entire world of characters that enjoy themselves. I crossbred visuals from American Saturday morning cartoons, Japanese Dao-infused Shinto-centric videogames, as well as from visits to the sculptures of archeological and modern art museums.

I began making characters as a substitute for companionship and understanding. Endlessly my life has been directed by them and then- finding clay in 2012- they were finally given real world presence! Now they walk around the world!:D

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