My aim as an artist is to create works which circle around sacred values such as unconditional love, authenticity, imagination and human dignity. For 20 years I have utilized figurative characters evolved from the closest thing to authentically sacred symbols from my upstate New York late 1990s culture- the graphic hand-drawn aesthetics found in American “Saturday morning” animation.

Cartoon imagery personifies the human tendency to abstract from reality- to simplify, codify and flatten it. Profound complexity in the human experience and our place in the universe are difficult to hold onto conceptually, my answer is to create sculptures which use foundational imagery- the cartoon, the toy, stylized animals, symbols of learning and growth. My figures conduct a loving/devious/knowing humor in their gaze and gesturing. Each figure is both human and beast illustrating the dilemma of the human condition- that of being a sort of bastard Earth animal born into an incomprehensible state of self-awareness.

The works are idols to natural states of innocence and love as forces contrary to ignorance and contrived malevolence. I believe there is a beautiful future for humanity, there is and always has been a quiet groundswell of decency, patience and humor which is orders of magnitude larger than a few loud monsters on the pages of history. I make accessible, meaningful work on the side of the quiet masses sustaining peace. My work is for people who walk in nature, who see beyond humanities abstractions and games, people who recognize their mother- Earth. 

Austyn Taylor

Brief Art Statement:

Lucky us, Animals that imagine being human. 





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