​​Austyn Taylor

​Hand drawn animation, initiation ritual masks and artifacts of animist cultures all influence my work. The pieces are sculpted intuitively in clay then resolved with some combination of glaze, raw bisque and/or drawing on the surface with mechanical pencil. The palette is kept simple.

I spent hours copying Disney and Warner Brothers characters off of paused VCR tapes as a youth. I always wanted to be an animator and character designer. When I came of age it was the end of 2D animation in America. Born too late, I never stopped making characters. I got a master’s in art education, moved to Denver, CO, became a middle school art teacher and began to sculpt in clay.

Since then I received a ceramics MFA from Alfred University, traveled the world with my work and devoted myself to studying mythology, evolutionary psychology and philosophy of consciousness. I have found that the deeper I go searching for the ‘truth of being’ the more humorous and complicated life becomes. Each piece is an attempt to articulate “almost knowing something”, a kind of feeling that is experienced as an overwhelming absurdity that is both enormously serious yet humorous. Reacting to the work people often tell me they want to give the sculpture a ‘hug’ or they don’t feel comfortable looking at it.  When my work is working best it causes both reactions. For practicality, most of life can be easily sorted into categories; in my work I am most interested in the fuzzy greys, the unsorted in-betweens of definitions.

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I sculpt figurative pieces of art. I am very concerned with the complexity of conscious existence and the living things on earth.

From the research, I have studied so far, it seems reasonable to state that we are each an embodied part of quantum mechanics based consciousness navigating a fractal universe. I believe we have some ability to move with free will but there is a nearly invisible fractal torrent which pulls us unconsciously. Understanding the world in this way may be a critical for our species survival. We are not our nations, our identities, our thoughts and histories, we wake up finding ourselves with a human body and figure it out from there.

I use animals in my work the same way our ancestors did; to help the viewer enter an imaginative boundless space of the unknown. My aim is to make work that is palatable and feels like an entertaining story. Like the old mythologies my figures all tell the meta-story of the self, alienation and transformation. It is my wish that humans may continue to inhabit the earth peacefully, for many generations and eventually become an interstellar species.

Art Statement:

lucky us! Animals that IMAGINE being human.  

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