My work involves sculpting subjects which embody and dignify complicated states of transitional being. The individual subjects each circle around the archetype of the fool and the generative confusion that goes hand and hand with intellectual growth. I had always drawn these characters until as a middle school art teacher I began sculpting them in clay for my students. There is an interesting feedback loop as I sculpt “fools” and play the fool, the work becomes informed. In graduate school I developed a variety of techniques and finishes while making a mantra out of William Blake’s quote, “The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.”

Visually the work evolved from an early love of animation and fantastic narratives. Journeying to exotic adventures in unknown lands with incredible creatures and reality breaking events has been a true love I cannot let go. The exploration of the grey lands, (of duality) within the good vs. evil trope remains a lifelong subject of inquiry. The sculptures embody a range of transitional states; discomfort, self-aware absurdity, humorously pleasant and confidently self-assured.

​​Austyn Taylor

Art Statement:

Lucky us! Animals that imagine being human.  

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